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Giving Back

At NetVoucherCodes, we're all about helping others save money! But that does't just stop online - our company values extend into the wider, social community. And, over the years, our staff have handpicked 6 local charities to support through regular donations & fundraising.

Over £20,600+ donated to local charities since 2020

More about the charities we support

Play Inclusion Project

This fantastic local charity - Play Inclusion Project is a registered charity which supports children and young people with additional needs and disabilities living in Blackpool, Preston, Fylde & Wyre. Their goal is to increase the access and provision of social and leisure activities and deliver weekly activities such as youth clubs, swimming sessions, bowling and sensory sessions. These activities give children and young people the opportunity to be active and socialise with other young people and make friends. They also provide parents and carers with that much-needed respite.

Registered Charity Number 1108606

Blue Skies

We admire our NHS, which is why we choose to donate to the Blue Skies Charity, which specialise in supporting patient care and medical research in the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre area. The Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the Corporate Trustee of the Blue Skies Charity and is a vital element in the Fylde Coast and regional community. Blue Skies help to make a positive difference every single day to patients, their families and friends so we proudly make regular donations to do our bit in supporting our NHS.

Registered Charity Number 1051570

Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed Group is a local outreach charity based in Fleetwood that actively works to help the homeless, unemployed, and those who are lonely, suffering from depression or have an addiction find a new lease of life. Every week, a local group is held at the Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen where local people can come for a hot meal as well as activities and information on services to help them. The Charity relies on the help of volunteers and donations to provide their services which is why we proudly make regular donations to support this fantastic local charity.

Registered Charity Number 1172609

Men's Shed Fleetwood

Men's Shed Fleetwood is a Peer Support Group that aims to rid the stigma of mental health in the town and in turn, reduce the number of male suicides. They proudly have an open arms policy where they offer peer support, help, advice and friendships to their members. Whether it's addictions, depression or anxiety - Men's Shed actively works to support its members offering the best possible help and guidance to overcome their issues.

Registered Charity Number 1186935

Brian House

Brian House is a local Children's Hospice on the Fylde Coast that provide palliative and end-of-life care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions. Brian house provides round-the-clock care for both its patients and their families as well as gives the children and their loved ones the best memories and opportunities possible. Working closely with Trinity Hospice, this vibrant and happy facility is commended by those it has touched and offers continued bereavement support and counselling for grieving families.

Registered Charity Number 511009

Fleetwood Together

Fleetwood Together has worked and continues to work and support the community during the COVID-19 Pandemic. With the help of other Fleetwood representatives including Mustard Seed and Fleetwood Town Football Club, Fleetwood Together has been providing the people of Fleetwood with food parcels and more during these tough times. Solely based on donations, Fleetwood Together relies on the goodwill and generosity of others to help those in need making it our honour to give what we can.

Registered Charity Number 1146037

How we've helped

Blue Skies

The donations from NetVoucherCodes have been fantastic. Since that first donation in March 2020, we have been overwhelmed to see that these donations have been regularly made and we are so grateful. It helped us immensely when fundraising as we knew it came to a standstill in 2020.

Read more here
Brian House

Trinity Hospice & Brian House is so grateful for the amazing support given by NetVoucherCodes over the last 17 months, which have been some of the most difficult months ever experienced here at the hospice. As Covid-19 took hold of the community, we had to act quickly in order to adapt our care, support our patients and help our NHS partners.

Read more here

Introducing NetVoucherCodes Cares

NetVoucherCodes Cares is a new fundraising platform for UK-based charities that provides a great way for supporters to donate to their chosen charities while also saving money on their online purchases. When supporters make a purchase on the platform, they receive exclusive discount codes and deals while the charity they support receives a percentage of the sale amount as a charitable donation. By joining the platform, charities gain access to a wide network of retailers, allowing them to raise funds through the everyday purchases of their supporters. Best of all, there are no costs involved, making it a win-win situation for both charities and supporters.

If you are a registered charity you can sign-up to NetVoucherCodes Cares today, or you have a community project or cause in Fleetwood and the surrounding areas and would like us to consider supporting, please get in touch via our Contact us page.

Local Community Sponsorship

Our local community is massively important to us here at NVC. Many of the team here are local residents in the area, which is why it's so important that we give back where possible.

Thanks to our very own Head of SEO, who has been a volunteer football coach at Junior and Snr lelvels for 12+ years, we proudly sponsor various sports teams within the local community including junior and adult football teams. And, more recently, our local boxing gym, providing equipment for its jnr boxing programme.

Do you know a local team that would like to be considered for sponsorship? Get in touch today and we'll see what we can do.


As the UK's no1 independently owned voucher codes and deals website, in the corporate world, we have a responsibility towards our planet. We're holding ourselves accountable and, as a result, actively contributing towards fundamental change.

So, as well as being a complete paper-free workspace, we've partnered with JUST ONE Tree in the fight against climate change.


The Oceans

Did you know that our oceans represent 70% of the earth's surface? However, our beautiful oceans are absorbing 93% of the heat from global warming, increasing ocean acidity. Along with global warming, ocean acidity leads coral reefs to die off, stopping marine life from forming and changing the basic chemistry of our entire ocean.

In fact, JUST ONE Tree has predicted that if the current rate of temperature increase continues, the oceans will be too warm for coral reefs by 2050. Based in a coastal town ourselves, we want to play an active part in creating change and this is where Kelp comes in.

Kelp is the fastest growing ‘tree’ on the planet. Like land-based trees, kelp absorbs CO2 in order to grow and is therefore an enormous ‘Blue Carbon’ sink. By taking carbon dioxide out of the oceans, kelp forests help lower the acidity in the seas and the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

With every tree we plant with JUST ONE Tree, 3 pence of every £1 goes directly towards supporting this incredible solution.


As a company, we recognise the effect our Carbon Footprint is leaving on the planet. That's why we proudly work with the incredible JUST ONE Tree to plant 20 trees every month, in countries suffering from extreme deforestation like Mozambique, Madagascar, Indonesia and Brazil.

In many countries and communities with tropical climates, rampant deforestation leaves them vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and contributes towards the destruction of the ecosystem.

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and restore biodiversity. This means that the planet's forests contribute up to 30% towards keeping the global temperatures below 2 degrees. Forests are essentially the lungs of our planet. In fact, Just 1 single tree cleans 48lbs of CO2 from the air per year - for every year of its life.

By planting just one tree, you're changing the world as we know it. We are acting now, and so should you.